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SapienKid-Parenting Solution

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SapienKid-Parenting Solution

Welcome to SapienKid’s mobile app. We have come up with the ultimate parenting tool for you in the form of Wisdom Box and its wholesome contents.

These are a result of years of research and development, interactions and validations from the subject matter experts, and more. Our product is aimed to give your child more than whatever he/she learns from school. We are doing this to ensure we bridge the learning gap between the school textbooks and those missed lessons and experiences your child’s brain needs.

We are enabling parents with a brilliant SapienKid app, where they can track their child’s progress with the use of the Wisdom Box and its contents. It will also throw light on how much the brain has picked based on the tasks the child does and uploads on this app.

How to Function Using the App
Install the app on your smartphone
Create your child’s profile
Upload their details
Ask your child to do daily, weekly or monthly tasks
Watch the tutorial and demo videos and urge your child to mirror them
Upload the paintings they do, or the DIY crafts they make
Celebrate each of their accomplishments by uploading them on the app

What Makes the SapienKid App So Powerful

When we began SapienKid, we knew we had a great responsibility ahead of us. We researched and came up with 7 essential avenues or 7 Verticals. As your child finishes a book and does all the allied tasks corresponding to the same, you can see their growth in the Brain Growth tracker.

The app is for parents to see how their child’s leading by forming healthy habits as well.
We know the value of the first step and so, here we urge you to go check our app and download it right away. Say goodbye to in-purchase ads and unnecessary add-ons!
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