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Everything has a cycle!

Change, Link, and Pop the stones.

How to play:
• Touch a stone to change the numbers
• Linked stones will change together
• Clear three straight stones by matching their number


• Simple rule but no one has imagined before
• Easy to learn, needed your brain power to master

Play with 3 Eternity Stones!
• Remainders of Four: Numbers that cannot be Four
• Incomplete Dices: Earn 5% bonus score with colorful dices
• Bird of Star: Earn 10% bonus score with funny bird family

3 Exciting Game Modes!
• INFINITE Mode: You can master all about Samsara in this mode
• CLASSIC Mode: Make as many eternity stones free as you can in 60 seconds
• NARAKA Mode: Play infinite game before all stones are infected

Gather Stars and Unlock Eternity Stones!
• Whenever you make Nirvana time, you get some star
• Free 9 stones at once and get a huge amount of stars!
• You can unlock Eternity Stones with your stars

Experience the exciting and innovative puzzle game at anytime, anywhere on any devices!
Jeung Hee Kim