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** BICFest 2017 Official Selection **

Whatever game you imagine, that is not it. Samsara - Stones of Eternity is a brand new, super addictive, and most advanced 3x3 puzzle game. Of course, there is a 6x6, also.

Transform, Connect, and Pop!

Are you smart? Or a master of puzzle game?
Whoever you are, you'll shock because of its new mechanic.
And you'll shock again when you realize it designed for super speed game playing.
Finally, you'll get infinite pleasure when you master this profound principle.

How to play:

• By just touch, you can transform and connect same stones. You can change tiles only once directly. But using linked blocks, you can change them more. More than three identical tiles straight vertically or horizontally will explode. So if you avoid this situation with intention, you can even blow ALL stones at one time.


• Three unique game modes for 3x3 board
• Three unique game modes for 6x6 board with Ghosts and Items
• Two additional themes you can unlock for free
• Three game modes for Apple Watch is also available for free
Jeung Hee Kim