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SamMote: the only alternative application / widget / Apple Watch also compatible with the series H and more (2014 and more).

SamMote is an advanced remote control for the Samsung™ televisions.

Demo video:

- Control your TV with your Apple Watch !
- Thanks to the widget, you can rapidly control your television without even launching the application, which is a remarkable gain in time
- You can control one or more televisions with the application, the widget or your Apple Watch.
- You can control your television without worrying about the infrared range.
- SamMote directly captures the channels of you television, without any configuration.
- Change the source rapidly by using a simple button or the lateral menu.
- Change the channel by using the lateral list, without any configuration.
- Create your own remote control, based on your needs !
- Series H+ (2014+): The keyboard is automatically displayed on demand.

* Compatible with the televisions Samsung AllShare/Smart TV, generally from 2011 (series D and more)

As SamMote is for free, do not hesitate to test it to see if your television is compatible.

SamMote is in version 2, numerous features are yet to come, we still have a lot of ideas and features to present you :)

We are not part of Samsung™ Electronics, SamMote is an alternative application.
Eric Degrange