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Sales Tax & Discounts

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Sales Tax & Discounts

** Easily calculate Sales Tax based on your location the app also calculates the final price for your product adding as many discounts as needed and also includes a global library of taxes per Country, like the taxes by city and state in the US or by Province in Canada

Our App's Coolest features:
• Add as many discounts & rebates as you need, our app will give you the final price, with and without tax
• The App will give you the correct tax percentage depending on your location, we have a whole library with all the tax rates in the US, Canada, México, France, UK and all over the world
• We also included a Tax library, so you can search for tax rates depending on the Country, Province, State and City
• We added a simple calculator for arithmetic operations
• Includes a handy Formula Calculator, just add something like (5+5)/10*2 in the amount field and watch the magic happen.
• We made the most functional design, easy to read and multi-theme, for day and night.
• We made it so simple and fast to use that you’ll be able to get your calculations in couple seconds
• No internet connection is needed to use our app, and it is designed to work for every device with any software version.
• We will constantly update our app adding more new free cool features.

Give your mind a rest! The sales tax & discounts app for FREE is here!!! Download *Sales Tax & Discounts Calculator* Now!
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