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Sales Tax Calculator

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Sales Tax Calculator

The go to app for sales tax calculation. Calculate the sales tax on prices fast!. Simply the best sales tax, VAT calculator in the App Store. Add sales tax to your price or calculate a reverse tax calculation on an existing price. View the results with large easy to read calculations and dark mode for those late-night calculations.

NEW: Supports Apple Watch - don't have your phone to hand! Access this VAT calculator on your Apple Watch for that quick sale tax calculation.

- Supports all VAT rates for all countries
- Supports your local currency symbol
- Calculate VAT using any rate from the rate selector %
- Add VAT to your pricing or perform a reverse VAT calculation on your purchase.
- Supports iOS 13 Dark Mode for those tired late-night calculations
- Hepatic Feedback and Sounds on button taps.

Use the percentage button to select the correct VAT rate and then simply type in your price and tap either the plus or minus button to get your VAT calculations. Just like a normal calculator you press the C button to start again or press any number to add a new amount.
For Apple Watch use the plus + or - minus button to calculate your sales tax.

So if you're a business owner, entrepreneur, traveler, consumer, accountant or you just simply want to know what VAT you’re paying or charging then this is the VAT sales calculator for you. Download Now!
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