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Want more time to do the things you love, rather than preparing for tomorrow’s 9am meeting? sales-i makes it easy to find valuable new sales opportunities and increase customer retention, directly from your Apple device. sales-i saves you time and relieves pressure and being overworked.

How it works:

sales-i is a subscription-based service that feeds on your back-office data. It intelligently spots patterns in your customer’s behavior, the system then alerts your salespeople when this behavior changes, or if a customer isn’t buying a product that they should be, giving you easy-to-close opportunities on tap. This, combined with an integrated CRM system, gives you greater customer insight than ever before.

sales-i empowers you to:

* Instantly create detailed customer reports, saving you hours of work every week.

* Organize and access your daily calendar and sales pipeline from any iOS device.

* Let Autopilot prepare for your sales meetings, provide a complete picture of sales history, opportunities and a powerful snapshot report – all done while you get a good night’s sleep.

* View information in easy-to-read dashboards, graphs and charts.

* Access and upload customer documents directly to sales-i from your iPhone or iPad.

* Action targeted sales and marketing campaigns that alert your sales people to valuable sales opportunities.

* Add, edit and delete notes and contact information on the go directly from your Apple device.

Please be aware that sales-i is a subscription-based service, if you do not have an account with us, you will be unable to use our App.
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