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Salary Calculator Plus

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Salary Calculator Plus

Just tap to start timing, Salary Calculator will record your working time and wages. It will keep the records for you to review, share and even make invoices to clients.

You can view the logs by list or calendar, export the logs or print them directly in app, and also mark the logs with paid status.

Main Features:
⁃ Set tasks with rate, tax, over time rate, auto break etc.
⁃ Create tasks with or without group.
⁃ Tap to start timing or stop.
⁃ Multiple timers running at the same time.
⁃ Set time to make times clock in or clock out automatically.
⁃ Timing with duration and amount.
⁃ Keep logs with duration, amount etc.
⁃ Mark logs are paid or not.
⁃ Check logs by list or by calendar.
⁃ Add logs by timer or by hand.
⁃ Make invoices for logs.
⁃ Send or Print invoices directly.
⁃ View invoices by due date, paid status or client.
⁃ Add payment records for invoices.
⁃ Make reports for amount and time.
⁃ iCloud and Dropbox backup and restore.
⁃ Passcode protection.
⁃ Set reminders.
⁃ Export and Print logs directly.
⁃ Supports universal version.

If you have any question, please email to [email protected].
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