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Planning on a trip to Japan? Already here and looking for interesting places to go? Sakura is the app for you!

Cities: Tokyo, Kyoto, Fuji Mountain, Nara, Hokkaido, Osaka, Kumamoto.

Planning your next Japan trip:
- Trip planning: Find interesting places by reasons (Must Go, Cultural, Appeared in anime movie, Great Photography places, etc.)
- Automatic Trip Planning: Generate a travel plan (based on the number of places you want to visit each day, and the travel time between different places)
- Trip planning: Schedule where to go day by day by adding bookmarked places to different dates
- Pick places by looking at their photos: You get a random photo of a randomly chosen place, you choose to view the place or skip!
- 'View in AR' feature where you can view select places in the AR space
- See pictures of places
- See the reasons why a place might attract you

When you are in Japan:
- Find nearby places when you are in Tokyo
- See check-in items of what you should try at different places
- Record your journey by location check-in. Share your journey screenshot with friends
Shunzhe Ma