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Sailing timer tactical

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Sailing timer tactical

Spoken countdown timer.
Distance to starting line
Track view of covered paths. Colors indicate the speed.

I advise to extend your screen idle timer. Also set Return to Clock to after 1 hour. Settings->General-> Return to clock
You can use bluetooth earphones if the volume is not loud enough.
Enable background refresh Settings > General > Background App Refresh

This app uses GPS and may impact the battery life. A 10-15% battery drain per hour is normal.

Future features:
Spoken wind shift messages
OCS alarm
Manually set Windward and leeward mark
Battery optimization (turn off GPS automatically)

The following permissions are needed
Healthkit: To start a sailing workout. This is also needs to get timer updates and location updates when the screen is off.
Location: To plot your route on the map and to calculate the distance to the line
Pieter Oskam