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Safety App

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Safety App

• Full data privacy

• Free forever

• No ads ever

• 100% secure



In case of an emergency, now you can alert your loved ones with your live location and type of emergency by just pressing the SOS button

• Emergency Caller

You can also call any of your emergency contacts and/or emergency services like Police, Ambulance, and Fire in any of the 197 enlisted countries

• Emergency Messenger

With our dedicated messenger your emergency messages will get instantly noticed by your emergency contacts

• Offline First Aid Manual

So you know what to do in case of most emergencies even without an internet connection until help arrives

• Safety Tools

Find advanced safety features including Automatic Accident Detection SOS Trigger, Safety Timer SOS Trigger, Live Tracking, Fake Call, and many more to give you the best shot to safety in case of emergencies

• Volume Button SOS Trigger

Now you can alert your emergency contacts by just pressing either of the volume buttons once

• Safety TV

To create short safety videos and share them with other Safety App users

• Write To Us

You can send your feedback or queries to us and get them resolved

Trust, you love using Safety App as much as we love making it better every day for you!
Arjun Bhilare