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SAASPASS Authenticator 2FA MFA

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SAASPASS Authenticator 2FA MFA

SAASPASS brings the future of security to your iPhone and iPad by seamlessly merging both the Password Manager AND 2FA Authenticator codes in a single app with all the security precautions balanced with extreme usability.

Password Manager
Over 100 Thousand pre-configured websites & mobile services
Custom additions available
AutoFill support
Quick copy support

Authenticator Code
Scan Barcode and Manual Entry options
AutoFill support with password manager integration
Quick copy support
Support for both HOTP/TOTP.
Support for 6, 7 and 8 digits
Support for SHA1, SHA256, SHA512
Advanced options available
Companies can share access to the Authenticator code across multiple individuals

Password Generator
Generate strong passwords

Security Scan
Identifies which websites & apps you use in the password manager have:
Authenticator 2FA format
Duplicate passwords
Weak passwords

Secure Notes
You can save notes and can optionally enable it to be on multiple devices and be recoverable.

SAASPASS works offline by default

Multiple Devices
You can have SAASPASS securely on multiple devices and it even comes with device management capabilities, where you can even remotely disable it.

Recovery - Secure Backup & Restore
SAASPASS offers multiple secure recovery capabilities where you can prevent SIM swap attacks as well.
This way if you lose your Authenticators and passwords, you can have them restored on your new device without going through the hassle of pain-stakingly setting each one individually.

Both the password manager and Authenticator code generator are available on your desktop from both the web portal (login at ) and the browser extension. They come with optional Autofill and AutoLogin capabilities on your mobile app as well as the desktop.

Download the browser extension for your computer to see the magic in action.

For Chrome:

For Mozilla Firefox:

Unlocking app:
- Touch ID
- Face ID
- Scrambled Keypad
- 4 or 6 digits as your PIN length
SAASPASS app opening protection includes brute-force attack mitigation.

Edit Order:
Change the order of the Main Menu by choosing Customize Menu Layout under the Settings.

Search Bar
Use to quickly find services.

Apple Watch support

To enable SAASPASS Autofill go to your devices Settings > Passwords & Accounts > AutoFill Passwords
After turning on AutoFill Passwords select SAASPASS.
There are quick copy links under every service as well.


SAASPASS also offers security for employees, companies, developers, admins and computers.

Developers can integrate multi-factor authentication (MFA) services with ready code snippets in multiple languages and SDKS from:

Companies can sign up for usage of MFA, SSO, the Access Sharing Center, IAM solutions, Directory Services, Adaptive Authentication from the website.

Companies can integrate:
On-premise applications
Cloud applications
Hybrid applications

The Identity & Access Management of SAASPASS can be used to integrate many business and productivity applications including email and collaboration suites

Out of the box integration to over 60 THOUSAND applications include, but are not limited to, the following services:

Microsoft OWA
Google G Suite
Office 365
Active Directory
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
On premise applications
..... many more