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The S7pro™ app gives you complete control of your new SikkertHjem™ S7pro™ home security system.

Setup the system both easily and secure directly from your phone, which you can also use to control the system with afterwards. You can view your cameras, control your electrical appliances with the S7pro™ SmartPlug, control access to your home and much, much more. All secure, fast, easily and in real-time.

Share your S7pro™ system with friends and family and allow them to watch over your home while you are out. Grant them different access levels and decide what notifications they should receive.

Your new S7pro™ sensors and accessories connects to the system in seconds, by simply scanning the QR-code on the product. You can even customize how the system reacts when you arm it while being home, through individual rules.

This Wi-Fi and 4G based security system is exactly what you would expect from a next-gen alarm system. And then some.
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