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Trigger your:
- Mamiya RZ67
- Mamiya RZ67 Pro II
- Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID
- Mamiya 645 Pro
- Mamiya 645 Pro TL
- Mamiya 645 Super

With this app you can connect to your RZ Blue Trigger module.

- The app will automatically search and try to connect to a device that is on.
- It will notify with audio of connections and disconnections.
- You can also change Bulb Mode by pressing the B button.

- App should work in background as well, but it might stop connection if you have many other apps running in background as well.
- Maximum electromagnetic exposure for Mamiya cameras is 1 min, if you use more than 55 seconds exposure, your camera will beep for the last 5 seconds and automatically close the aperture.
Julio Ryuuzaki