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Rx Corner

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Rx Corner

Tired of calculating days?

Rx Corner - Calendar is here to help you! The interactive calendar will help you calculate refill dates based on the parameters you set.

Step 1: Select the date the prescription was last picked up or sold.
Step 2: Adjust the day supply that was dispensed.
Step 3: Determine the appropriate refill date!

From the settings menu, you can select up to two different options to display(ex. No days early, 2 days early, etc.)

Do you have an Apple Watch?
You can set up your quick reference in the settings menu so you don’t have to reference your phone each time!

Available in both light and dark mode based off of your appearance settings.

Please contact us to report any bugs, improvements, or new feature requests at [email protected].

Thank you to Freepik for the commercial use of the Woman day daily calendar page of march 8 
icon and for allowing modification

This app is to be used for educational purposes only. No responsibility can be taken by authors/publisher for any loss, injury, or damages from using information provided by this application.
William Collishaw