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RV Manager

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RV Manager

The best Co-Pilot is the one you don’t even have to think about.

The RV Manager App is the finest assistant that never sleeps or forgets.
It is pre-loaded with:
• TASKS and

It is set for TRACKING and LOGGING of all RV activities, like;
to make your RV organization Fun and Professional.

It also helps you to reduce the running costs while increasing the value of your vehicle by having everything on the record.

Choose custom pre-sets for MOTORHOME or TRAILER
(for all sized and types).


CHECKLIST - 700+ pre-sets:
• At departure / arrival / camping…
• Safety, maintenance, trailering…
• Inspections and much more.

DAY PLAN / TASK - 100+ pre-sets
• Calendar/user/category view
• Recurrent/fix/flexible/priority
• Engine/tanks/service/…

INVENTORY - 350+ pre-set items for:
• Indoor, outdoor, BR, Bath…
• Electric, mechanical, tools…
• Miscellaneous, fun, pets…

ROUTES - plan, track, and record your routes.

FUEL - track fuel consumption and costs * pre-route low fuel warnings. Linked with Costs Module.

DOCUMENTS - have all documents at hand, with expiration alarms and for easy export/email (pdf, jpg).

COSTS - scan bills and monitor expenses (auto currency exchange). Export data in accountant ready format (csv, pdf).

REPAIRS - picture note management. Linked with Day Plan/Task module.

CONTACTS - add RV people’s trades, expertise, and notes, to connect them with other modules.

RV Manager App is the perfect RV app for a single or family day to day management.

Start your FREE trial and improve your RV organization and its value.
ManagerApp d.o.o.