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“Run to compete. Run To win.”

RunToWin: Virtual Running Race For Competition

RunToWin lets you compete with runners from all over the world regardless of time and geography. There are three competition modes you can experience the highest level of competition: tournament, friendly race, and self-beat race. Feel the ultimate triumph through winning in the race!

- Online Tournament
- Badge and Record Certificate
- Friendly Race
- Self-beat Race
- Audio Commentary
- Race Recap
- Distance Event Switching
- Apple Watch Edition (coming soon in November)

[Online Tournament]

Sport is all about competition, and running is not an exception. Feel the excitement of winning through a competitive race with runners from all over the world.

Check out the list of tournaments available and register for ones that meet requirements. Once registered, you are all ready to beat out competitors in each round. Be serious and firm before starting a race in each round. Try your best to be on top of a tournament!

[Badge and Record Certificate]

Congratulations, you won the gold medal in the tournament! Or you lost in the quarter finals?
As a result of participating in a tournament, you will receive a badge and a record certificate to prove your presence in this fierce competition. You are able to share your badges and record certificates within your circle on Instagram and Facebook. Guess what? Something bigger will come soon.

[Friendly Race]

Practice is also a part of winning. Try frequent friendly races with runners from all over the world to make yourself a better runner. RunToWin automatically matches you with a competitors whose record is close to your best record.

[Self-beat Race]

Sometimes, it would be necessary to stay away from direct competition with others and train youself to be a better runner. This feature lets you compete against your current best record.

[Audio Commentary]

RunToWin app provides you with visual supports; however, it is burdensome to check them out while running.

RunToWin supports audio commentary that keeps track of how far and long you have run in addition to the distance gap between you and the competitor. We’ve got something more! You are accessible to your speed in comparison to the competitor’s, as well as competing status (ex: when you take a lead).

You are able to choose two audio options: Basic and Professional. Basic delivers running distance, running time, and distanc gap. Professional delivers “Basic” + speed and competing status.

[Race Recap]

Let’s review what you’ve lost in the quarter finals in this tournament. Your time in every distance interval, leading occupancy during the race, consistency level, and speed trends. You can even compare your speed with the competitor’s in each minute during the race to see when you should maintain speed or accelerate.

[Distance Event Switching]

You must choose only one distance event to participate in any race. You can also switch to another distance event at will. Race history including time record and badges are all preserved regardless.

“Running is a sport. And it is all about winning. Run to win.”


- Required:
Location tracking by GPS (only when app is running)

- Optional:
Push Notification (check out the details below)


-Required: None

-Optional: Upcoming Tournament Race, Newsletter, Update Information
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