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Runtastic PRO

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Runtastic PRO
Runtastic PRO
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Runtastic PRO

The Runtastic app tracks sports and fitness activities – such as running, biking, walking and more – by utilizing GPS technology.
Activity Status
With Apple Watch, users can view their primary activity statistics, such as speed, distance, duration, pace, or calories burned, directly on their wrist, without having to slow down or pull out a smartphone.
Weekly Progress
Review weekly Runtastic app activities, such as number of activities, distance covered, duration of completed activities, number of calories burned, and cheers received throughout the week, in a stylish, easy-to-read notification
Get the weather forecast on your Apple Watch so you know if it's a good day to take a run.

We're your ideal health & fitness partner - here to support your efforts, no matter which fitness activities you enjoy most. Download our mobile apps today to track your activities, monitor progress and reach your goals!