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From the maker of T-Zero Countdown Timer, a running app for people who hate running apps.

- Apple Watch support
- Today Screen widget - no need to enter your passcode to see your progress. (iOS 8 only)
- Ghost Racer: Race against a previous run.
- HealthKit: Stores your workout in the Health App. (iOS 8 only)
- Run Explorer map shows more details about your run.
- No account needed: Your personal information stays on your phone.
- Displays time, distance. pace, estimated time to goal, percent of goal met, and more.
- Simple, user centric design. Uncluttered by unnecessary features.

Features include:

- Ghost racing allows you to choose any run to race against, or to automatically race against your last run or fastest run to your goal. Great way to motivate yourself to be a little bit quicker every day. You can also ghost race against routes your friends send you.

- For iOS 8 users, the Today Screen widget shows your progress without having to enter your passcode or scan your fingerprint. Just swipe down from the top of the screen on the lock screen.

- For iOS 8 users, HealthKit compatibility.

- Run Explorer shows where you were fastest and slowest. Shows fastest/slowest 100 yards/meters, 500 yds/m, 1000yds/m, mile, 3k, 5k and where your pace was above and below average.

- Save routes on your phone. See where you've been on the map.

- Email your favorite routes to your friends. They can ghost race against them!

- Resume run. If you have to stop your run for some reason, you can resume it later the same day. Also, keeps you from losing a run because of a crash.

- Tracks your best time for several distances, including 1K. 3K. 5K, 1 mile, half-marathon, and full marathon.

- Flashing light mode for visibility at night.


- Elapsed time
- Estimate time to goal
- Difference between your current estimated time to goal and fastest time to goal
- Estimated rank of your current time to goal
- Distance
- Percent of goal completed
- Pace
- Pace graph
- Difference between current pace and target pace

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Dan Wesnor