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RunScribe is the most advanced running wearable, providing powerful kinematic metrics to help athletes understand their running mechanics and train like the pros.

To use this app you'll need:
• RunScribe footpods (available at
• an iPhone 5 or later; iPad (Air, Mini, 3rd & 4th gen); or an iPod Touch (5th gen)

Once you've installed the RunScribe app, you can:
• Create your RunScribe account
• Update RunScribe footpods to the latest firmware
• Configure RunScribe for mount (heels or laces) and location (left or right shoe)
• Sync and upload your runs
• View your RunScribe dashboard and run detail
• Create and edit your RunScribe profile

Once RunScribe footpods are configured, you just go for a run and upload your data using the RunScribe app when you're done. After the runs are synced, access the full set of kinematic metrics and analysis tools in your RunScribe dashboard (

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If you have any issues with the app, contact us via our community forum, accessible through your RunScribe account, or send us an email at [email protected]

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