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Runner's Shadow

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Runner's Shadow

Follow your runs like your shadow follows you.

What Is Runner's Shadow?

A runner's companion.
A fantastic app for all outdoor runners to augment their kit.
Runner's Shadow is an iOS Activity and Health-based app for the purpose of augmenting, tracking, logging, and understanding your outdoor runs, regardless of source; regardless of when the run took place. And it includes an Apple Watch app to get out and run with.

Why Try Runner's Shadow?

Run History
A history of all of your runs, from any supported App.
The run history is all your runs, grouped by week, month, year, and all-time. It has graphs, logs, journals, and more (like courses).

Which routes you've run.
Do you tend to run the same routes repeatedly? Why not keep track of those as courses?
This app keeps track of all of your courses; and your personal records for each course.

Personal Records
What's my personal best?
Accurate and complete PRs. What is the best I've done so far at this distance? This course? This week? This month?. Runner's Shadow PR keeps my goals in perspective and my motivation on-point.
This app finds and keeps your bests.

Keep and Recall interval laps.
With a tap of a button in the Shadow Runner's watch app (included), you can set your laps. In the iPhone app, you can see how you did for them. What was the lap distance? Pace? Gain? It's all there.

What are my thoughts after a run?
How was the run? What do I find interesting about this course? Who did I run with? What did we laugh about?
The journals are for these and/or anything else you want to write there.

Tag runs for later retrieval.
Label the people you ran with. Or label which runs were races. Or label which runs were your favorites. Tag runs with labels any way you'd like.

Shoe Tracking
Keep track of your running shoes.
You may have heard that running shoes should be replaced between 300-500 miles or in 3-6 months. But how do you keep track of that? Simply add your shoes to the app, then tap on which ones were worn after a run. We'll keep track of how many run, miles, and days you've put on the pair.

Find photos taken near the time of your run.
Want to find those shots you get before and after a run a year and a half later? Well, you just go to that run and click the 'camera' button, and there they all are.

Graphs? Yes.

Numbers? Of course.

Maps? You bet.

Running app for your Apple Watch? Yeah, that too.

Watch Laps? Uh huh.

Open to suggestions? We listen.

What you'd expect? We try to be more than that.

You can run with this or any other app that supports Apple Activity; we'll take it from there.


The data comes from Apple Health/Activity. That means that any outdoor running app that works with Apple Health/Activity will work with this one.

The data goes nowhere. We don't take it. We don't keep it. We don't track it. We don't track you. We're not interested in all of that. We're just runners who want to enhance all of our running experiences.

Contact us: [email protected]
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