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Runners Calc

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Runners Calc

Runners Calc - The pace calculator for your next event

The app is a wonderful tool for each runner. This app will optimize your next event and you can organize it much better.

You can input or calculate the following information inside the app:
- Distance
- Time
- Pace
- Speed
- Interval (variable between 1 and 10 km or miles)

You have now Quick Buttons for selecting your typical distance, time or pace you can define in the settings.

You can calculate your intervals for your run. Take this with you to your run and you will see if you are in time on each checkpoint.

New: now all settings will be synced into iCloud to all your devices with the same Apple ID.

This is my first app I’ve developed and also my first touch with Swift. I’ve developed some small apps about 20 years ago during my study. With the support of the book „Swift 4 - Das umfassende Handbuch“ from Michael Kofler I was able to develop and public this app Runners Calc.

My intention for this app is to improve it and to add more functionality to learn more about the program language Swift. So it will be wonderful to get some feedback from you about what can be done better. But please be aware it can take some time to do bug fixing or to implement new functionality.

I’m not developing this app to get money. This app will be a free app and I won’t change this also if I’m adding new functionality. The only think I will try is to use the In-App Purchase but only to donate small money and not to combine this with new functionality. But I will never add ads in this app.

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Stefan Gericke