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Ruckus Fight Trainer

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Ruckus Fight Trainer

Push yourself during your kickboxing workouts with an app that calls out combos and has no sympathy for how tired you are. Ruckus calls out hit combinations like “jab-cross-hook” in a variety of voices for you to land on the punchbag.


- Calls out hits to land on the punchbag
- Configure your workouts including warmup and stretching time
- Timer with configurable options like rounds, pause duration, difficulty and much more
- Can enable crowd mode to hear a crowd in the background to spur you on!
- Integration with the Health app lets you store your workouts and have them contribute to your activity rings
- Watch app with features like lock screen mode so you don't accidentally stop workouts
- Help section with videos on how to do the moves and use the app

Ruckus doesn't just have to be used for kickboxing. It can also be used for MMA, boxing, muay thai and so on. You can configure what types of moves get called out by the app, for example disabling kicks from being called out.

As Ruckus is a round timer that will optionally call out hits you can also use it as:

- Workout timer
- Sparring timer
- Personal kickboxing trainer (calling out hits)
- Shadow boxing trainer (with hit callouts if you don’t have a punchbag)

The help section of the app contains videos about how to use the app, for example running music in the background and some examples of how to do the moves that are called if you are new to kickboxing completely.

AR Boxing feature

You need at least an iPhone 6s or above to use this feature!

This feature allows you to practice dodging punches using just a book standard VR headset and your phone. Place the boxer anywhere and look at the start button he will then throw hits at you which make your phone vibrate on contact.

At the end you will get a summery of how many times you where hit and how many hits you slipped.

You can also enable "ring" mode which will put you inside a virtual ring and background crowed sounds can also be enabled all via the settings.
G Fuller