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Ruby is a beautifully designed news app for iPhone and iPad. It's built with a familiar design, so it's simple and easy to use and understand. Ruby works great with your devices, and supports iCloud syncing for a seamless experience across all of them.

The app itself has a lot of distinct features, such as being able to choose the topic you want to view on your home feed. If you only want to view technology without the politics, you can. Only interested in sports? There's an option for that too. Ruby has options for what you can view on your feed.

On top of that, Ruby offers filters. If you don't want to read news from a specific source - you can easily block them out. Ruby also offers bookmarks, so you can find an article and come back to it later.

Ruby has customization too! You can easily change the country you're in, or the language you prefer to read.

Ruby also offers an Apple Watch app, where you can quickly view headlines on your wrist. The Apple Watch app has the same functionality as the iPhone app, so you can easily read headlines of a specific topic, and more.

If you want to suggest features for Ruby, contact us on Twitter @RubyNewsApp. You can also email [email protected] We're open to suggestions, and want to create the best user experience possible!
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