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Rubato+ is a “real-time” app that not only helps you manage your time, but also helps everyone learn how to get the most out of their time. A great resource for children, parents, teachers, therapists, or anyone looking to be more efficient and productive with their time.

Rubato+ teaches the critical executive functioning skill of time management. Just like Robin Hood, rubato+ allows you to “steal” from one segment of your schedule and "give" to another. Its easy clock face interface makes for fast organizing of one’s time; multiple segments can be arranged, rearranged and organized easily and intuitively.

They say “time waits for no one”—but it’s hard to sense time passing when you’re engrossed in a task and having multiple tasks on your plate. Rubato+ helps you keep time by visually reinforcing real-time concepts. You can keep track of your use of time and trade time—between the things you need to do and the things you want to do.

When time expires from one segment, rubato+ asks from which other segment you might wish to borrow time, and then visually adjusts the display to reflect your choice. Done early? Rubato+ lets you select the segment to receive that extra time. Have to do your homework before watching tv? Rubato+ offers the option to lock in certain segments so that non-negotiable time cannot be traded.

Rubato+’s background alerts and interactivity makes you a real-time participant in the management of your schedule. at home, at school, at work.

With rubato+, you can:
• Easily create and modify segments using the touch screen interface
• Delay the beginning of your first segment if you wish (because all schedules do not start at the top of the hour)
• Customize how much time you wish to borrow
• Customize each segment’s color
• Lock segments you wish to maintain as non-negotiable time allowances
• Create multiple hour-long scenarios.
• Organize programmed hours into pre-set groups for easy management and repeated use: You can save and organize groups of scenarios into folders and categorize them as you wish.
• Link consecutively programmed hours to create multiple-hour scenarios: You can create scenarios that cover 2 or more hours.
• Customized your clock face: With rubato+ you can change the bezel color to differentiate between scenarios.
• Reference a full user’s in-app manual, including essays about the rubato+ philosophy of time management by executive functioning skills expert and child behavioral therapist, Todd Kellogg LMFT, BCBA

WHO IS Rubato+ FOR?
Rubato+ is for anyone who wishes to “make the most out of time”. In short, rubato+ is for everyone—the person running a meeting; The college student studying for exams; The homemaker who needs to multi-task; The person who needs to complete a series of projects on a deadline.

Rubato+ helps you teach the important lessons of Time Management, Decision-Making, and Delay of Gratification to a young person. You use rubato+ to help your child or teenager complete their responsibilities before they have their “fun” time—and to show the correlation between finishing their obligations on time, early, or late with the amount of time they will have left for “the fun stuff.”

Special education teachers or therapists use rubato+’s interactive visual format to concretely demonstrate the passage of time while showing the cause-and-effect relationship within behavior choices. Because rubato+ makes the internal, invisible thought processes take on external, visual and kinetic form, it’s highly responsive to how young people actually absorb and integrate information.

At Apps2Achieve, it’s our mission to help young people develop the critical executive functioning skills so important to self-empowerment and self-esteem, and to help adults maintain their balance and reduce stress. Please support our efforts with your feedback, and let us know how we can make rubato+ work even better for you.
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