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RTL Trafic

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RTL Trafic

By using RTL Trafic while driving, you will automatically be warned of incidents during your trip. This saves you time and money and makes you well-prepared for any unsafe situations on the road.

RTL Trafic warns you about:
• Speed traps
• Speedcams
• Traffic jams / Delays on your route
• Roadworks
• Closed lanes
• Incidents
• Nearing emergency vehicles
• Stationary vehicles

And more to come…

While you're not driving your car, you can also use RTL Trafic to get the latest traffic information for your route. How long does it take to get to work? Are there any speed traps on your way home? Those questions are no longer of your concern. RTL Trafic has all the answers.

The traffic information within the RTL Trafic app is mostly generated by our users input. This user generated content is completed by our own Trafic Editors, with the latest government provided data and images from cameras on the side of the road placed throughout the country.

With support for widgets on the "Today screen" of your iPhone, the current status of traffic on your route is always available within seconds.

Navigation, the most in demand feature, has been available since February 2018. When plotting a route, you have the option to enable spoken instructions. We are very curious about your experiences!

Because we use GPS locations in the background, the app may have an impact on your battery consumption, just as other navigation apps do. This also applies for the data usage. Would you like more information about this? Check our FAQ on the website.

For any questions about the app, you can reach us by mail: [email protected]
Tom Weber