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What gets measured gets done.

RowTrac is a sophisticated in-boat management solution that allows an athlete to accurately measure and review both an individual’s or crew's performance. RowTrac is designed to allow an athlete to be up and running quickly. With an iPhone attached to the boat in a protective case an athlete need only select the desired training program and hit the start button. It is a low cost, highly functional and evolving alternative to expensive purpose built solutions.

RowTrac is packed with features that have been tested and improved on over many years. RowTrac allows athletes to:

- View real-time information relating to the performance of the boat including stroke rate, split times, speed, time, location, acceleration and distance.
- Track projected times, current location on a map view and monitor current course.
- Receive audio feedback during a row. RowTrac can periodically report to the athlete in boat telemetry such as distance, stroke rate and time and can signal course correction allowing the athlete to focus on rowing and not on the screen.
- Graph real-time stroke rate and boat speed or view real-time acceleration curves.
- Connect RowTrac to Bluetooth enabled heart monitors or an iWatch to monitor an athlete’s heart rate.
- Analyse the information captured during a row. Activities can be broken down into individual rowing segments with further analysis available down to the level of individual strokes. Graph speed and stroke rate and view a boat's acceleration curves.
- Compare data from one row against another.
- Automatically store historical data to the cloud.
- Easily connect the separate CoachTrac app via Bluetooth to a version of RowTrac in the boat allowing a coach to view all in-boat telemetry including stroke rate, meters per second, split times, acceleration curves, time projections and so on. CoachTrac also includes a video recording function with frame-by-frame replay and video annotation capabilities.
- Share and upload results from previous activities to other RowTrac or CoachTrac instances or 3rd party sports systems such as Strava.

RowTrac is designed by athletes and coaches for athletes and coaches. It is provided free to the rowing community and is an evolving piece of technology. The Author encourages participation in this project.

RowTrac integrates with apples Health App and HealthKit to optionally allow heart rate data to be collected from an athletes Apple Watch whilst rowing.
Mike Nermut