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RowingCoach, available also for the Apple Watch, allows you to track your rowing sessions, compare your workouts and see your overall progress – whether you train on land or on water.

== RowingCoach displays the following metrics:

-) Your current and overall stroke rate (SPM)
-) The distance covered
-) Your current and overall pace
-) Your pulse
-) Your calories burned

== Use the app as suits you best:

-) Track your session on the iPhone
-) Only use your Apple Watch to record the training (and leave your iPhone onshore!)
-) Use the iPhone as display for your Apple Watch recording. Very useful for indoor rowing.

== RowingCoach also offers these features:

-) Use Siri to start and stop your workout
-) Automatic Stroke detection
-) Get notified after a certain distance covered, strokes reached or time passed
-) Display your workout on a map
-) Speed/pulse shown in color-coding
-) Share your rowing track with iMessage
-) Weather conditions are recorded for outdoor workouts
-) iCloud synchronisation: Have your workouts on all your devices.
-) Apple Health App integration
-) Watch Complication: See your weekly progress at a glance
-) Use Force Touch in the Watch app to quickly start and stop a workout
-) Today Widget: See your weekly and monthly progress from the Today screen

== Export and upload your workouts to other platforms:

-) Upload to Strava
-) Export to RowsAndAll
-) Upload to MapMyFitness
-) Upload to TrainingPeaks

External bluetooth heart rate monitors are supported.

If you want to export your workouts via e-mail or want to record more than 3 workouts - you can get to a subscription right in the app.
Gunther Cronenberg