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Rowing Workout

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Rowing Workout

Elevate Your Rowing Experience with Rowing Workouts for you Apple Watch.

Looking to take your rowing to new heights? The all-new Rowing Workouts app for your Apple Watch is finally here! This isn't just an app for recording your rows; it's a comprehensive tracker for every stroke you take.


Precise Tracking: Capture not only your rowing sessions but also track every individual rowing stroke. The measured force is used to estimate the distance covered, providing accurate insights into how many meters you've rowed daily or weekly.

Personal Challenges: Challenge yourself by sharing your training data and competing against your own best performances. Witness your personal progress and draw inspiration from your own training.

Seamless iPhone and Apple Watch Integration: While you're training on your Apple Watch, your iPhone reflects your current data, serving as a clear display for your progress. Monitor your activity rings, burned calories, heart rate, strokes per minute, speed, and more in real-time directly on your iPhone screen.

Convenient Control: Start, pause, or stop your workout at any time directly from your iPhone. Take a short break - the workout will automatically pause and seamlessly resume when you're ready. All your workouts are, of course, stored in HealthKit for a comprehensive overview of your fitness.

Improve your rowing technique, set new goals, and experience the ultimate rowing journey with the Rowing Workouts app. Download it now and embark on your path to becoming a stronger, fitter version of yourself!

Be aware: Rowing workouts require an Apple Watch to track your movements and training data.

Health App Integrations:
Rowing Workouts uses your health data from the Health App (HealthKit) to display your energy burned, record your workouts and displays your current heart rate.
Christoph Gogolin