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Round Won

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Round Won

Round Won timer puts a boxing ring bell in your apple watch and iphone set to the exact number of rounds and round length that you specify in your workout.

You set it off with your Apple Watch and it will handle the entire bout including rest length in between rounds while training, making the iphone ring to notify a round ending and starting.

It takes advantage of the Apple Watch's new hap-tic feedback system, vibrating in desired intervals for your boxing workout, so that you don't even have to look at a screen and can focus on what really matters, training.

Round Won integrates with the Health app to best store your workout results.

Use it to track the time of MMA, boxing, BJJ or any other martial art training/fight as well as to add rhythm to any workout such as jogging with sprint intervals or 20 sec Tabata intervals for CrossFit training. Round Won will become your personal timing assistant, a must have for nearly all your interval workouts.

Round Won Is designed for all levels of training as it allows you to adjust to your desired intensity level but does not allow you to cancel a round training interval from the Apple Watch in the middle of your boxing round. This takes Apple Watch training to the next level as it does not allow you to easily quit your high intensity interval workout. You can only stop your training with the emergency stop button on the iPhone so it doesn't get interrupted during high interval activity i.e boxing, MMA, etc.
Bergin Dedej