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The #1 CrewApp with more than 300.000 professional users (pilots and cabin crew) and 400 airlines supported. RosterBuster is the only Aviation Crew app that downloads your airline’s roster with flight, crew, statistics, destination, hotel and weather information, AND empowers you to connect with airline crew around the globe.

Go Free:
You are part of our community, you can chat with airline crew and have direct access to exclusive discounts.

Go Premium:
You can upload an unlimited amount of rosters, unlock roster upload for 1 Month or 1 Year period. New users can try our premium features absolutely free the first two weeks. No obligations, no opt out needed!

With RosterBuster you will get the following features:

1- Join the biggest Aviation Community
By signing up with you join the community. Directly benefit from exclusive discounts offered for Airline Crew.

2 - Get your roster on your phone.
Check if your airline is supported, sign-up and download your roster from your airline crew portal website. Always have your roster and lots more with you on the go!

3- Awesome statistics
We keep track of your flight statistics, routes, airports, countries and regions visited. Ability to compare these with your peers in the industry.

4-Invite and connect with others
Easily invite family & friends to share your roster. See when you’ll be working together. Stay in touch and know when to meet-up at layover. Combine your work and personal calendar on your phone.

5 - Instantly chat with airline crew.
Chat with crew on each flight or start a private chat with anybody in our aviation community. RosterBuster automatically groups people in your context, your flights or location. So you can instantly chat without the need to exchange private phone numbers.

6 - Easy exchange towards other tools you use.
We provide easy and seemsless integrations with other tools you use, for example: Calendar, Logten Pro, Safelog, Pilotspal, CrewAlert, EASA, iCloud, Gmail.

7 - Airlines join and everybody wins!
Your company can join. No fear of company-wide exposure. We guarantee privacy.


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