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Control your Roku from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad!

RoRemote requires a Roku box with firmware version 2.7 or higher. All Rokus should have this - even the older ones.

RoRemote controls Rokus over WiFI. You must have WiFi on your iPhone/iPod/iPad turned on and set to the same network as the Roku you wish to control.

Now you can control your Roku from other rooms in the house! Great for music channels! RoRemote supports multiple Rokus using a simple selection screen.

RoRemote has the same controls any regular Roku remote does, plus a keyboard button to enter text directly into any channel's text box. Also, text can be copied from the clipboard to the Roku - useful for complex passwords. No need to mess with with the on-screen keyboard!

RoRemote allows direct access to all channels on the Roku by simply tapping the icon of the corresponding channel.

iCloud enabled - Roku names and settings are automatically transferred to other devices which share the same iCloud account.
Tom Corwine