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Rootd Watch App

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Rootd Watch App

Rootd is a female led app for those struggling with panic attacks & anxiety. Helping you overcome anxiety and regain confidence.

This Rootd Watch App is panic attack and anxiety relief right on your wrist, allowing you to still use Rootd whenever you are away from your phone.

This Apple Watch version of Rootd includes Rootd’s core features:

The Rootr

Always there to help anytime you feel overwhelmed by an anxiety or panic attack. Pressing the always-present Rootr button instantly starts a guided process for bringing a swift end to a panic attack.


The perfect tool to practice deep breathing daily and find calm during times of stress.


Guided body scans and visualizations to get rooted when feeling anxious.

Emergency Contact

For when you need to hear a friendly voice, you can immediately call a friend, family member, or nearby help center directly from the app.

“I appreciate the simple, factual, and yet caring approach of Rootd that makes it an inviting, interesting, and easy to use tool. I endorse this for individuals looking for support and tools for managing anxiety and panic attacks.”
Wendy Marion-Orienti - Licensed PRH counsellor

Privacy Policy:

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Rootd Watch App - Panic attack and anxiety relief right on your wrist
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