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Roland Alert

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Roland Alert

Monitor. Identify. Alert.
Roland Alert is a groundbreaking app developed by a licensed clinical psychologist and a programmer who has a child on the Autism Spectrum. This app will change how teachers, caregivers, and others work with people on the Autism Spectrum. By combining real-time biometric feedback with a powerful application for the iPhone and Apple Watch, Roland Alert helps users identify an "event" by alerting them, and others, that it is about to occur. This gives everyone an opportunity to prevent the "event" from happening.

Apple's Health App (HealthKit) Integration:
Roland Alert reads heart rate data from Apple's HealthKit for the Kid on the spectrum.

Features for Kids:
• Real-time alerts to help prevent events
• Read heart rate data from HealthKit
• Strategies to consider when an event is about to occur
• On/Off control for times when an alert would be intrusive
• Identifiable icons to stimulate and recognize strategies

Features for Parents:
• Real-time alerts to help prevent events
• Built-in pre-defined strategy cues to help kids break the cycle of an event before it starts
• Customizable and favorite strategy
• Customizable event criteria
• Access to historical event information
• Ability to monitor multiple kids
• Remote monitoring
• Send a Nudge to proactively alert a kid

Features for Teachers:
• Real-time monitoring for multiple kids
• Access to past data
• Add custom strategies
• Send a Nudge to proactively alert a kid
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