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Ahoy, sailor!
You are travelling with Roger, who surely needs your help! Roger is Petty Officer Third Class and crew member of the USS Charlotte/Atlanta (SSN-744), a nuclear powered hunting submarine of the Los Angeles class. Since the on duty radio operator of the crew fell ill at short notice, Roger took his place and becomes part of a new crew, which carries out an operation of several weeks for test purposes of a new sonar technology. But something is not right...

Join Roger on this classic text-adventure style adventure and help him leave the sub alive!

- Find out what happened to Roger and collect evidence.
- Combine items to open doors and locks.
- Solve logic, number, text, and image puzzles to obtain specific items.
- Watch out! The submarine is full of pitfalls.
- Solve all the tasks to reach the best possible end of the story.

You can also continue playing the game on your AppleWatch at any time, switching between your iPhone, iPad and Watch.
When saving on the iPhone or AppleWatch, the saved data is always sent to the paired hardware. To continue playing with this data on the other hardware, simply load it there.
Axel Ilenburg