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Who is this application for?
• professional athletes;
• people who exercise regularly;
• everyone who cares about their health.

What kind of problems does the application solve?
• Monitoring your current health condition (before, after and during your workout).
• Drawing up an individual training plan.

How will RocketBody help you?
The application analyzes the data a fitness tracker received. RocketBody uses EKG monitoring to track the metabolic rate and analyze it over time. These data determine the best time for you to train. All this information is combined with previous EKG readings into a trend curve that shows the dynamics of metabolic change over time. RocketBody’s algorithms then define the dependence of your metabolism on the input data (e.g. calories spent during workouts and calories gained with food).
Choosing the best time for training increases efficiency and reduces the risk of injury. RocketBody's algorithms adjust your metabolism to your schedule and let you work out when your body’s performance capacity is at its peak.

The application can not only analyze information but also make predictions. The analysis of physical activity will help to make a precise forecast of an athlete’s recovery for the coming week.

RocketBody AI designs workouts and nutrition based on metabolism data and other factors (e.g. goal, HR/HRV, calories gained/spent, etc.). It pulls in your diet from HealthKit so that you could easily manage it in one app.

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