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Are you a frequent traveler? Do you travel for business or leisure?
ROAR gives you the ability to:
- record a route in automatic* (free guide, to destination and to a contact) and manual modes
- schedule a route and notifies you when starting
- stops automatically the route when parking and notifies you
(Note: for proper use of this feature, set the parameter 'Idle Period' in the settings)
- automatically calculates the mileage refund and fuel consumption
(Note: for proper use of this feature, set the parameter 'Fuel Type' and 'Consumption' for each Vehicle)
- keep track of vehicle maintenance

ROAR saves the battery of your phone (about 1% per 100km - tested on iPhone 6 Plus)

Do you want to stay informed of all your travels?
You can with:
- companion app for Apple Watch
- widget for the notifications center, which indicates expenses, reimbursements and miles driven last month.
- beautiful and interactive charts of your routes with indications of expenses, reimbursements, speeds, weather conditions, fuel consumption, fuel prices, etc.

Do you want to keep your data safe?
ROAR supports:
- backup with DropBox, Evernote and Google Drive
- sharing (CSV, HTML and JSON) with all other systems configured on your phone.

ROAR prices:
- only 0.99USD / EUR (or equivalent in other countries)
- no advertising or in-app purchases
- no monthly/annual subscription

Do you want to suggest a new feature? Send us an email. When the new functionality will be ready, we'll send you a code to download ROAR for free.
Do you want to translate ROAR in your language? Become a translator and we will add you in the credits of the application.
Found a bug? Report it. When it will be fixed we will add you in the credits of the application.

* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Vittorio Pellegrino