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RNG Master

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RNG Master

If you need to simulate coin flips, roll dice, ask the mystical 8-ball for questions, play rock-paper-scissors, generate random numbers, and much more, RNG Master has you covered! Supporting over 10 different methods of random with more added all the time, RNG Master is the most fully-fledged app for randomness out there.

RNG Master features:
- Over 10 different methods of randomness: Coin flips, dice rolls, rock-paper-scissors, random number generation, and much more!
- In-depth history so you can view what your previous generations were at any time!
- A simplistic, modern interface that's easy and simple to use
- Customizable settings so you can fine-tune how each method works!
- Support for the modern iOS features you know and love such as 3D Touch shortcuts, Split View, Siri Shortcuts, Haptic feedback, and more!

If randomness is what you seek, RNG Master has you covered. Make it your home for randomness and download RNG Master today!
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