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rnd pro

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rnd pro

rnd is Random Number Generator app that does not only generate random numbers, but it also has great design and user experience.

Now in the new Dark Pro look! Pro version also includes Apple Watch App.

We believe that every app on your iPhone should not only be functional, but also great looking with great user experience. Would you go for a night out lousy dressed, with sandals and socks, for example? - NO. So why would you want an app that looks bland or outdated on your great looking device? Even a simple app such as random number generator has no excuses not to look great.

This app can generate random numbers in selected range. Random numbers mostly are overlooked but actually you can solve most of your problems just by generating random numbers. Need to think of a few numbers for a lottery? Just use this app. Have an argument who will get the last piece of a delicious pie? Just enter number from one to number of people, assign everyone with a number, tap RND and vuola. Thinking of doing something vs not doing? Generate a number between 0 and 1, and you will know what to do. It may seem complicated, but it's actually not - rnd makes decision making easier while developing logical thinking.

rnd also features:
- Amazing "Never-Seen Before in the App Store" Grade A Design.
- Separate Number Keyboard for fast and easy input of number.
- Great but subtle animations to enhance user experience.
- History and count of previously generated numbers.
- Hold on generated number to be able to Copy it.
- Pull Left to Delete generated numbers.
- It just looks and feels right.
- It's PRO.
- Dark PRO background saves battery life.
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