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Starting—and actually sticking with—good daily habits is key to supporting your long-term health. Ritual is here to make the “stick with it” part easy by reminding you to take your vitamins—not just today, not just whenever you feel like it—but every day. Track your streaks, build a healthy habit, and sync to Apple Health to track Ritual vitamin nutrient values alongside food and workout data. Compete with other Ritual users to be the #1 vitamin-taker in your state—or on all of Mother Earth. Whether you’re looking for a little extra push in keeping up with an existing vitamin regimen or starting a new one, Ritual has your back. Consider it your best friend—you know, if your best friend reminded you to do something good for yourself every day.


- Daily reminders help you remember to take your vitamins every day.
- Track your vitamin habit with a simple, single tap—a super satisfying way to check it off your to-do list.
- Sync the nutrients you get from Ritual vitamins to Apple Health—and look at how supplemental nutrition may help fill the gaps in your diet.
- Get tricks and tips for how to build healthy habits from the pros.
- Keep track of your vitamin-taking streak, and challenge yourself to maintain your daily habit for the longest streak ever—life.
- See how your progress stacks up against other Ritual users in your state, and the entire world. Nothing like a little healthy competition, after all.
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