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Risk Indicator

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Risk Indicator

Panic selling is common in stock market dips - because few know the answer to the most fundamental question in equity investment:

Is now a good time to own stocks - or not?

The RISK INDICATOR is designed to indicate periods with very likely positive stock market returns - and periods with very likely negative stock market return. Laying the foundation for more rational investment decision making versus emotional - helping you build wealth.

Stock Market Safety Level
The RISK INDICATOR's “Stock Market Safety Level” display a safety level between -100 and +100. Negative (Red) or Positive (Green) is decisive - the level merely indicates distance from turning point and can change rapidly due to market stress.
RISK INDICATOR's quant algorithm is an objective and mathematical model based on macro-economic and financial market stress data.

Strategy displays the outcome of acting 100% upon the Stock Market Safety Level - being in stocks in Green (positive safety level) and out of stocks in Red (negative safety level).
- opposed to the Benchmark being in stocks all the time.
In some periods Benchmark outperform the Strategy in terms of absolute return - however accompanied of much higher risk (Drawdowns). Research shows that Drawdowns exceeding -10% for many Private Investors is intolerable and make them leave the stock market in large numbers creating a new problem - when to return?

Drawdown (peak-to-trough decline)
Drawdowns displays the Strategy outperforming the Benchmark in terms of drawdown reduction.
All equity related securities (long) suffers in "Bear Markets".

The RISK INDICATOR is a tool for investors in equity related securities (long) - Individual Stocks, Mutual Funds and ETF's - products that suffers just as much as equity indexes in "Bear Markets".

App Features
The “Stock Market Safety Level” is updated each business day after US stock market close.
Push notification (Alert) service is included - even if the App is closed.

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