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Rise by AeBeZe Labs

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Rise by AeBeZe Labs

How does Rise work?
Rise delivers a bright constellation of curated images, video, and audio to positively impact brain chemistry and progressively elevate your mood. We pair proven science with the power of storytelling to help you feel your best.

We call this Digital Nutrition. Think of us as a vital supplement to your existing digital diet. Everything you see or hear on Rise is positive and purposeful, and uniquely designed to boost your sense of wellbeing.

Why now?
Because we're living in the midst of a global mental health crisis, with more than 300M people actively suffering from clinical depression, and hundreds of millions more impacted by mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety.

Each of us are struggling. But emotional resilience is possible.

We know you can’t ditch your phone entirely, so we’ve developed a suite of products to swiftly and intelligently support emotional needs. These are nourishing remedies, verified by science, available at the tap of a button.

Is Rise for me?
We made it for you. We know that the “wellness journey” can be tough, tedious, and time-consuming. And in some cases, it can be expensive. But our goal is to reduce distress, eliminate suffering, keep it simple and affordable, and progressively improve your experience here on planet Earth.

Is it really that easy?
Yes. Remember: not everything that feels good has to bad for you. And not everything that’s truly good always works instantaneously. Sometimes, the very best things take a bit of time to reveal or deliver their full benefits. That’s Rise.

Give it a shot. Try it for yourself.
AeBeZe Labs, Inc.