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[email protected] is a 'Reminder App' that helps you keeping track of all your reminders, allowing you to associate them to a specific Location (Geofence), add a Voice Recording and an Image, to facilitate remembering all the important stuff in your everyday life.


- Geofencing (Enter and Exit Region)
- Voice Recording (for a faster way of Input)
- Note (standard Textfield for additional Informations)
- add an Image to your Reminder, for additional visual Information

To preserve your devices better life, Geofence will only be activate 24h prior to the date set for the reminder, e.g. Reminder set to June 1st 2015 at 11:00am, will not be tracked in the Region Monitor until May 31st 11:00am. It wouldn't make sense to monitor a region for weeks, before really being interested in being reminded.

Thanks for your support and keep your appreciated suggestions coming.
xis int. ag