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RhythmCor Ai

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RhythmCor Ai

Rationale for our App:
- Every 40 seconds.... one person dies from heart disease in the USA
- 630,000 people die from heart disease every year
- 350,000 people die from sudden cardiac death every year
- $2 Billion - yearly cost of heart disease in the USA. 


This App is different because:
• We use machine learning for prediction
o 130,000 people are new diagnosed with atrial fibrillation every year.
o Technology and wearables are getting better at “diagnosing” or identifying abnormal heart rhythms.
o We use encrypted, novel multi-stacked, contextual, geolocated algorithms to not only predict but to save lives.

• We continuously monitor your heart
o 1 in 10 heart attacks and strokes can be prevented if high risk patients are targeted with regular screening.
o However screening of risk factors in these patients is static and is often done by the primary care physician perhaps once a year.
o How about if it is now continuously monitored? We capture your heart beat. Your heart beats >100,000 times a day.
o Our novel energy-light algorithms may better predict and minimize your risk for sudden cardiac death.

• Augmented Human Intelligence = AI + Precision Medicine + Physicians
o International and US team
o MIT scientists
o Harvard-trained physicians
o Precise tailor-made insights for you to better guide therapy and possible prevention
o Ai-Me is our augmented human intelligence bot that collates all the information contextually and applies flexible responses not only to improving your cardiovascular health e.g., “yoga mode” but also with your Medications to improve your therapy.
o Ai-Me adds geolocation, SOS, accelerometer, activity, rhythm data, fall interpretations related to your cardiovascular health
o Ai-Doc will work with Ai-Me in our premium version coming soon to add context to your medical issues

Additional Features & Research:
By installing RhythmCor Ai, you are contributing to an important global research effort to develop deeper predictive algorithms and techniques to gain insights into your heart. We offer valuable heart rate variability (HRV) based insights which syncs with your daily activity to help to provide a signature for your own cardiovascular fingerprint. It provides a continuous catalogue for your heart and its performance. RhythmCor Ai offers the following additional features:
• Continuous Apple Watch based monitoring.
• Full integration with Apple Health Kit.
• Activity sync: eg to evaluate what happens to your heart when you eat, drink coffee, energy drinks or when you mediate or exercise
• We critically evaluate micro-variations in your HRV, etc. to help you track your heart’s response to such stimuli.
• Ability to quickly add voice & text notes and symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, etc.
• Detailed heart rate graphs with action markers.
• Contextual graph to track your HRV change throughout the day with interpretation using Ai-Me, our innovative augmented human intelligence bot.
• You can pick from a list of pre-populated FDA approved cardiac medications, blood thinners, diabetic medicines, etc. to add to your medication list to evaluate what happens when you take medication. Your physician (or our premium version Ai-Doc) may find this helpful and interpret your response to your medication, providing better and personalized medicine.
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