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by Rhymeo
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by Rhymeo
Ever wish you could freestyle rap?

Enter RHYMEO, the most advanced freestyle rapping tool ever made. There's truly nothing like it.

RHYMEO is able to listen to your words as you freestyle, and show you rhymes for them instantly. It's magic. In seconds, you'll find yourself freestyling like a pro, even if you've never tried it before.

Let's break it down:

Freestyle rapping is hard to do. It requires your brain to rapidly multitask between coming up with new lyrics, and vocalizing them to a beat. That's why it's so cool when someone really pulls it off! The hardest part is figuring out what your next rhyme is going to be. That's where RHYMEO comes in. Once it shows you a couple of rhymes, the rest is easy. You just pepper in words between the rhymes to set them up, and focus on riding the beat. It's like Karaoke with a dose of lyrical freedom!

You start by choosing a beat that fits your style. Once you find your pick, you'll get a countdown before the mic and camera start recording. From here, RHYMEO will provide a starting line of lyrics to get you going, typically from classic Hip-Hop songs. When you reach the last lyric in the line, you'll instantly see rhymes for it. Then you're off and running!

Every time you say a rhyme in front of you, it gets replaced with a new one. When you're ready to switch to the next rhyme scheme, just say or tap one of the related words beneath the rhymes! Sick of all the words? Just swipe up to see pictures of what you're freestyling about for more lyrical inspiration! No matter which direction you take, RHYMEO will be 3 rhymes ahead of you. Best of all, it never gets repetitive! This is because the suggested lyrics are fully based on what you're saying in the moment, and are not predetermined!

Once the timer reaches a minute, your freestyle is finished, and you're able to preview and edit it. You can trim off the parts you didn't like, and adjust the subtitle lyrics to perfectly match what you said. From there, you can share it in any way you'd like, or store it privately on your profile.

When you're done freestyling, you can sit back and watch other people freestyle on the feed. Since RHYMEO is part freestyle tool and part social network, you can engage with other people by following them and liking/commenting on their freestyles.

Whether you're new to freestyling, or you're a bonafide veteran, RHYMEO will elevate you to the next level of lyrical prowess. Give it a try! It is free, after all.


A growing list of beats from up-and-coming producers
Ability to add your own beats (for Rap-Pass subscribers only)
Instant voice transcription
High quality rhymes and related words for spoken lyrics
Vibrant pictures for any word by swiping up during a freestyle
Freestyles can be trimmed, and subtitles can be edited
Share your freestyle anywhere, or keep it private
A feed of viewable freestyles from other people
A rap name generator for choosing your alias
Social networking features for engaging with other people around freestyles