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RHR Tracker for Watch

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RHR Tracker for Watch

RHR Tracker is an advanced resting heart rate tracker for the Apple Watch. RHR Tracker integrates with the Health app and uses Resting Heart Rate measurements recorded by the Apple Watch.

Your resting heart rate is the average heart beats per minute measured when you’ve been inactive or relaxed for several minutes. A lower heart rate typically indicates better heart health and cardiovascular fitness. Changes in your RHR can also be an indication of illness or stress etc.

Key features:
-Tracks changes in your RHR.
-Notifies the user if RHR is clearly elevated.
-Allows to log symptoms that could be causing the changes in RHR.
-Add RHR complications to your watch faces.
-Collects RHR measurements within the day. Normally your Apple Watch will only store the latest daily measurement. With RHR Tracker also other daily values will be stored and you can see your daily min max values in the Apple Watch app.
-Morning report that will tell you how your RHR data collected during the night or first thing in the morning compares to your long-term average.
-Information read by RHR Tracker is only used locally on your device while relevant data is synced to your personal iCloud. This data can not be accessed by anyone else but you.
-After your free seven day trial ends, you can continue using RHR Tracker by purchasing Lifetime access as an in-app purchase.

Please note that notifications can get delayed or in some cases even dismissed if the app isn’t granted runtime in the background. By adding RHR Tracker as a complication, you will give RHR Tracker a better chance in providing notifications in time.

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