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Create chapter marks for your audio production with your iPhone on the Go!

Import your audio files from all document providing Apps like Dropbox or iCloud Drive or download them directly from the web.

Add marks while listening: Click two or three times with your Apple EarPods to add marks while your iPhone is locked.

Chaptr is also available on your Apple Watch! Create marks from your wrist while you listen to your audio productions!

Add edit marks at positions where your production needs improvement.

Adjust the timecode of already created marks and move them to their exact position.

Choose your favorite listening speed: 1x, 1.5x and 2x playback speed is currently supported.

Export the marks you created. You can chose between the mp4chaps file format (compatible with Reaper and Auphonic), the Reaper specific chapter marks file format (supports mark colors) or Podlove Simple Chapters.

Supported audio formats: MP3 und M4A
Stefan Trauth