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Revere is a note-taking app for notes about people that helps you build better relationships.

Have you ever forgotten someone’s name, or what you last talked about, or to message back when you said you would. It's easy to forget all the little things when life gets busy.

Revere helps by being the single, trusted place for all the important details about the people in your life. It's a dedicated place to put a person's family members, how you met, and your last conversation. And flexible notes allow you to create a note for anything you want – from gift ideas, to their favorite wine.

And with reminders, Revere makes sure you never forget to reach out. Set one to call someone back, check in on a special day, or to just say hello. And if the reminder comes at the wrong time, just snooze it. With Revere you'll have the peace of mind to know you'll never forget anything important.

Add important details before they slip your mind with:
1. Apple Watch app including complication for one-tap use
2. Your voice using Siri
3. On your computer with the Chrome browser extension
4. With 3D Touch from your homescreen

Always remember the important (but easily forgotten) details about the people in your life.
• People’s names
• Family members
• Your last conversation
• Where you met
• Favourite food and drinks
• Gift ideas (pro tip: set reminders to buy them early)
• To message someone back
• To wish someone luck on a big day

• Unlimited people and notes
• Unlimited groups
• Add notes fast using your voice with Siri
• Reminders
• Reminder snoozing
• Apple Watch app with complication
• At-a-glance summary of upcoming reminders (Today, Tomorrow, Next 7 days)
• Fields for how you met someone, family members' names, and more
• Import from contacts
• Search all people, notes, and groups
• Securely backed up to the cloud
• Syncs across all your iOS devices
• Free Chrome extension to add notes from any computer

With Revere you'll always remember the little things about the big people in your life.

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Requires an email to create a Revere account.
Revere Inc.