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Results @ Folders

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Results @ Folders

"Results @ Folders" app allows you keep track of different types of your daily activities, organize your life, build good habits. You can create categories (tracking points) and group them in folders for convenience. Set your goals to do it in your pace. There are no limits for your personal needs and imagination.

Do you want to know how much water you usually drink during the day? How many times you spoke with parents last month? How much time did you spend watching tv shows? We do not have sensors for such questions yet, but with some level of self control you can collect all necessary data to answer such questions about yourself.

"Make a list of all the tasks in your life that you repeat. Especially focus on things that you don’t do consistently right now, but you know you’d benefit from if you did." ((c) John Z. Sonmez, "Soft Skills", "quota system").

All data stored in you ios devices and icloud - so all this information is yours.

Use Apple Watch for quick inputs..

You can edit your structure using left swipe menu in the folders/ALL grid.
Each individual result can be edited in the last level of details.
Alexander Garmash