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Restroom information map

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Restroom information map

In steep OPP, or no experience of a cold sweat?
Time, do not know visit to Nandoki, OPP
The absolute necessary to when the "toilet"
OPP Nevertheless, the location of the "toilet" do not know, but want to go right now! !
Who even once and 2 but it is that there is experience.
For such OPP's, where to find the toilet?
In conjunction with the Google map as quickly searchable, the "toilet" that can be used in the event of an emergency nationwide
Easy, it is a map-type navigation app immediately searchable.

It is the concept of the app that the information shared by users like each other.
Let share information and immediately registered if there is a place where I think this
People to be saved You should have surely.

[Emergency toilet search and WC pin function]
◎ GPS navigation!
Using the GPS function of Google Maps, or check the toilet of the location,
You can examine the route to there.
Also-or-! Because they firmly mounted also navigation feature is the voice guidance at the touch of a button!
And staring and looking for a corner Toka screen ... you do not need is!

◎ detailed amount of information! !
When you tap the "WC pin" that Sasa' on the MAP, you can check the specified toilet information.
Information is colorful! Washlet, multi-function toilet ostomate Powder Room, diaper changing tables ...

◎ add and share of the navigation information! Communication of the encounter of fit assistant to replace the map and purpose
Tap the "position" mark, move the cursor to the toilet location,
When you tap the Enter button, enter the information of the new "toilet",
And new you can give birth to "toilet pin".
I do not know anyone of any help, stand in someone else's role.
Would not it be wonderful encounter I welfare contribution of communication that holds in the mutual aid?

◎ map information is good, if the map only what you need! !
When you tap the "magnifying glass" mark, you can narrow down to the restroom necessary to put a check in the toilet of the item you want to use!
The doubt that information is the more the better. It's a useless there is no convenience that can be taken out when needed the information you need.
That's why I'm a map app to be selected.

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