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Resources for Clash of Clans

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Resources for Clash of Clans

For all those who are just starting their way of the warrior, and for those who have already gained some experience in the battles of "Clash of Clans," we are delighted to present what can change your understanding about game considerably. This application doesn’t claim to uniqueness of the Game, but it is the one and, therefore, unique in its kind -


Who but you, the real users of the Game, it is known how long and difficult path from the ordinary collector of resources to the real conqueror and the leader of clans is! And nevertheless, it doesn’t matter what is your current level as a player - gold, elixirs and gems reserves should be relevant and at the level. Finally, collecting resources is just as important as building good defenses.
"Resources for Сlash of Сlans" is a technical mix of calculator, resources tasks planner and reminders. Let's imagine for a second, the second because sometimes it solves many things, that you need to collect a certain amount of elixir. You set the Collector, it produces and redirects extracted elixir in Elixir storage. And then you have to launch the Game continuously to stay abreast of accumulated elixir.
In case the Collector is filled in during the extraction, the production of the elixir will be halted till that time until you collect it. If you don’t collect elixir in time, then the Collector will be raided by the enemy players. Should this occur and all of your efforts are dropped far back - it is very unpleasant!
The players are disappointed, the Game fails, that didn’t make your day… It can't be helped, the game cannot be put on a pause while we are engaged in our daily routines.
"Resources for Clash of clans" offers you to abandon these potential losses, solving the problem of resource extraction in a couple of clicks first, last and all the time.


- Tracking the accumulation of three main resources (gold, elixir, dark elixir);
- Configure of each resource accurately corresponds to the number and levels of Collectors;
- 2 clicks to set a resource task;
- Adjusting the set task parameters without additional manipulations and add-ons;
- Intuitively familiar user interface (the feeling of being in Clash of Clans);
- Real-time information about extracted resources; even, if this number has exceeded the planned amount;
- An ongoing dialogue between the user and the application in the form of notifications and alerts (informing about the status of the carried-out tasks);
- The application continues to work even if there is no Internet connection;
- The application can be installed on any iOS device - no need to work together with the Game;
- Widget and AppleWatch application are available;
- The application continues to work in the background;
- Launching Clash of Clans directly from Resources for Clash of Clans (the applications should be installed on one device).

It isn't excluded that individually for yourself, each user finds more hidden features and opens much more real opportunities!

If you are going or you are in the Clash of Clans game, do not miss such a useful detail for your village like the «Resources for Clash of Clans» application: get, install, configure, plan, think like a strategist and win!

Note: by clicking the «Collect All» button, there is a zeroing of counters, real collecting of resources in the application does not take place. To collect everything which has accumulated, click the button in the right top corner (the icon speaks for itself). This button appears only if "Resources for Clash of Clans" and the Game are installed on one and the same device.
Sergey Astakhov